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Founded in March of 2008, is a FREE online classified website. We offer multi-postings in different cities, embedded code promotion, integrated sharing features and more. Groono was developed to allow people to create, and view online classified ads free of charge. We are committed to helping our users find the best and most effective way to advertise. Our platform gives your ad(s) nationwide as well as worldwide visibility. At Groono we believe that our users play a major role in the destiny of the site and the changes that are made. We offer a suggestions box, this gives us a chance to interact with our users and guest to learn what they would like to see on Groono. Our site is one that is built on integrity and trust. The Groono platform is used to enhance the satisfaction a user receives while on the site, by offering promotional methods such as embedded images, bulletin, post, etc. Our Security increases everyday so we are always open to suggestions on how we can make the site a better and safer place for all users. Some of the features we allow are videos, ads, bulletins, blogging, messaging, developer apps, user feedback, music, ratings, and much more. We are continuously researching and developing our site, so that we stay current and up to date with the needs of our users. We are dedicated to helping people find the best way to shop, share, entertain, express themselves and interact.

Groono was created for our users to sell products, post classified ads, buy products, meet new people, share photos, share links and videos.

Our mission:

At Groono, our mission is to meet the needs of our users and guests, by giving each user all the opportunities necessary to gain their own level of comfort and satisfaction while using Groono. We would like to maintain a solid relationship with all our users. We want our site to continue to grow and evolve, gradually creating more opportunities for our users and guests. Our goal is to innovate our industry of online classifieds, making sure every user leaves our site satisfied. Groono is what we call a social "all site" that helps people communicate on many levels. Everyone is welcome to join Groono we encourage people to register as a user, and start a free account.

The Problem We Are Trying to Solve : " is trying to create a single uniform solution for all web needs."

What Groono Values:

* Trust
* Commitment
* Loyalty
* Honor
* Dedication

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