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 Terms of Service and Refund Policy | Phindservices 

We want you to be happy with the services we provide at Phindservices.

All web design, SEO, graphic design web programming projects require a deposit before work be started on the desired project.

Phindservices charges per the hour the minimum hourly rate is $10/ hr

All clients may at any time request a progress report and view the work for inspection as the Service may also ask the phindservices for periodic inspection of the work in progress for approval, Upon completion of the project, the Client will review the final product for approval and submit any changes. After final approval, the remaining fee for services rendered will be due. Upon receipt of the balance due, the product will be uploaded to the Client's server.

Copyright & Ownership

Any code or graphics created by phindservices Web Design prior to acceptance of final payment are the sole property of phindservices and may not be used, sold, redistributed, or altered in any way.

When final payment is made, phindservices will transfer all rights and ownership of designs created by phindservices Web Design to the client. Open Source code, Software and third party graphics are not transferred to the client and remain under copyright of their respective owners. All rights of ownership of programming written by phindservices is not transferred unless otherwise requested by the client.

Refund policy

If you are not satisfied with your service, you may notify Phindservices within 15 days from the date of your payment. If we cannot resolve your concerns to your satisfaction, we may issue a partial or complete refund based upon: the nature of the project, any necessary expenses already paid, the terms and specifications outlined in any verbal or written agreements pertaining to said projects, and any additional factors that may be relevant. All payments made are based on verbal and written agreements between Phindservices staff and clients. All initual payments are not refundable unless client contacts phindservices with a written concern about any issues that may come forth in 15 days of payment.

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