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Introducing Rallyhero
Create an Online Fundraiser for just about anything!
RallyHero is an online fundraising and crowdfunding site where you can create fundraisers for any cause and begin receiving donations instantly. You can raise money for music, business, tragedy, sports, personal needs, vacations, medical bills, tuition, and more. You can also donate to inspiring fundraisers.
Raise Money
Starting a fundraiser only takes about 5 minutes.
Receive your donations instantly, also make quick and easy donations.
Spread The Word
If your inspired, get out and spread the word.
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What it can do for you!
Invite your contacts to cool websites than you want to share.
The Skipnote invite button is a really amazing tool for spreading the word about a site. It allows you to import your Gmail or Yahoo contacts from your email and select who to invite.
" Invite people to a webste you think they should see or they will like."
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